Labthink is a multinational technology company that is devoted to helping customers succeed, employees grow and brands gain respect. The headquarters of Labthink is in Jinan, China; its international headquarters is in Boston, USA; and its SAC IT Center is in Hong Kong, China. The company has more than 50 international distributors and more than 30 international service providers.

Labthink has three brands for its three business sectors: DIAMON represents testing instruments for flexible packaging and many other industries; CONVEN is for package testing services for food industry; and INNOMAX stands for solutions for new business mode for third-party laboratories.

Labthink has taken the lead in proposing and drafting more than 10 national standards and has been granted more than 100 patents. Those standards and patents range from property testing for plastics, transmission methods for original data generated in testing to business mode for third-party laboratories and many other advanced technological and business areas.

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Labthink Falling Dart Impact Tester

Labthink Coefficient Of Friction Tester

Labthink Auto Tensile Tester

Labthink Oxygen Transmission Rate Tester

Labthink Water Vapor Transmission Rate Tester

Labthink Heat Seal Tester

Labthink Paper Thinkness Tester

Labthink Leak Tester

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