Yellow Jacket

More than sixty years ago, Jack Ritchie set a goal for Ritchie Engineering: to become the standard by which all other HVAC hoses are measured. In the last six decades, the YELLOW JACKET® brand has not only become the standard in hoses, tools, refrigeration gauges, manifolds, HVAC vacuum pumps and refrigerant recovery machines, it’s become legendary…
How have we done it? Through an unwavering commitment to excellence. It’s the single most important attribute in the longevity of a company. While other companies sold out, sent work overseas or lessened quality, the relentless commitment of our people has led to 60 years of best-in- class products, first-class customer service and innovations that make the contractors’ jobs easier, worldwide. Join us for the next 60 years as we commit to changing the standard once again.

Our products can be catogorised into:
  1. Refrigerant Recovery Systems
  2. Vacuum Pump Systems
  3. Vacuum and Charging Hoses
  4. Hose Adapters, Valve and Parts
  5. Charging Systems]
  6. Specialized and General Use Gauges
  7. Electronic Instruments
  8. Heating Instruments
  9. Leak Monitors and Leak Detectors
  10. System Tools

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Yellow Jacket Mantooth Gauges

Digital Charging Scale

Ergonomic FinFix Combs

Series 41 Manifold

Hand-held Digital Vacuum Gauge

RecoverXLT Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Bullet Vacuum Pump 7.0cfm

Accuprobe UV Leak Detector

Yellow Jacket Refrigerant Gas Analyzer


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