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Established in 1991, AZ Instrument Corp. is specialized in the business of measuring instruments manufacturing. The first product line is the digital psychrometer. AZ Instrument integrates the expertise in electronics, precision mechanism and high efficiency manufacturing to commercialize the technology of unique & accurate measuring instruments.
Today, our products have been highly recognized as outstanding & well-known brand internationally and successfully distributed into the worldwide markets. With the support from our customers, we are confident to grow AZ Instrument the global competitive manufacturers in the field of measuring instruments.

Our products can be catogorised into:
  1. Air Flow Meter
  2. Datalogger
  3. Gas Analysis Meter
  4. Heat Index Meter
  5. Hygro-Thermometer, Psychrometer
  6. Infrared Thermometer
  7. Manometer, Sound Level Meter
  8. Thermometer
  9. Tachometer
  10. Transmitter
  11. Water Quality Tester

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8692 Long Tube PH meter

8008 Pocket Size 2 in 2 Tachometer

8919 10cm Vane Temp&RH%& CO2& FLow

8803 Dual K Thermometer

8922 RS232 Digital Sound Level Meter

8888 Infrared Thermometer - Mini Gun Type

87799 SD Datalogger - Desktop Dew Point W/External Probe.jpg

8911 Air Flow Meter - Handle Type With Remote Fan (w/RH).jpg

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