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For over 50 years, Goodway Technologies has helped facility managers, Engineers and HVAC contractors transform the way they approach the maintenance of critical HVAC equipment. We're focused on helping our customers move away from the ''wait 'til it breaks'' approach to utilizing ongoing, planned, predictive maintenance. This approach helps increase efficiency, manage asset longevity, and reduce unneeded labor cost.

The Goodway Advantage

Goodway Technologies offers a large selection of maintenance and cleaning tools designed to drive
the efficiency of your systems, plants, and facilities. Our safe and easy-to-use solutions help maintain
critical systems to drive cost savings in a variety of industries and markets.

Our products can be catogorised into:

2. Sanitation Tools

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TFC-200 ¨C Penetrating Cleaning Power

RAM-6 - Clean in Forward and Reverse

RAM-4 The Original Rotary Tube

RAM PRO® ¨C Rugged and Dependable

CVT-1501 TowerVac-Efficiancy with No Hassles

CC-400HF HiFlo®-Deep Clean

U-Tube Tools

Universal Nylon Rod (Flare) Tool

Tube Cleaner Brush With Quick Connect

The ˇ±PATRIOT®ˇ± Dual Diameter Nylon Brush

Straight Tube Wheel Brush Assembly

Stainless Steel Brushes

Spin-Grit Brushes


Rigid Arm Flare Cone Tool

Plastic Brushes

Nylon Brushes

Flexible Shafts (Nylon Casing)

Flexible Shafts (High Temperature Tolerant 232ˇăC Stainless Steel Casing)

Flexible Shafts (Heat Resistant 149ˇăC Rigid Covered Steel Casing)

Flexible Shafts (Covered Steel Casing)

Flexible Arm Flare Cone Tool

Flex-Hone Abrasive Tools

Flex-Hone Abrasive Tools

1 - 24 of 39

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